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Feral Cats Resources

Listing of clinics providing spay / neuter services for Community Cats and their caretakers. If you are familiar with additional resources NOT listed here or Trap Depots (locations to rent Humane Cat Traps for Sterilization purposes) please e-

Gulf  Coast


For the Love Of Cat (TNVR program) 

Marco Island,FL

Tel. (239) 642-8674


The Barbara Grice Memorial Spay and Neuter Clinic   

$35.00 feral cat package includes spay or neuter surgery, a rabies vaccine, and an ear tip. Are you in need of a trap? They rent traps for only $10 (with a $65 refundable deposit). Feral cats in a trap can be seen on a walk-in basis Monday - Thursday between 7:30 and 8:00 A.M. Please call 850-898-3380 for more information.

The Pensacola Humane Society's Barbara Grice Memorial Spay & Neuter Clinic    

5 North Q Street

Pensacola, Florida

Tel: (850) 898-338  


Humane Society Tampa Bay 

Trap Rental Hours:  8:30am - 4:00pm Daily,
at the Front Desk of the Animal Health Center
Trap Rental Fee:  $5 per trap, per week with $90 refundable deposit per trap.
Feral Cat Mondays
Drop off between 6:30am - 9am
Pick up between 4:00pm- 5:00pm
Cost of TNVR Services: $20*per cat.  Includes spay/neuter, anesthesia, Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations, ear-tipping and other medication deemed necessary by our veterinarian.

Feral Cats must be in traps; one trap per cat.  FeLV/FIV testing is available for an additional $17*  The Animal Health Center also sells affordable flea and tick protection.
Contact the TNVR Manager with questions at or 813-625-0910


Animal Coalition Tampa (ACT) provides sterilization services for Community / Feral Cats through their free-roamer (aka feral cat) special that includes spay/neuter, , anesthesia, vaccinations (Rabies and FVRCP , ear-tipping,  dewormer, flea and ear mite treatments for $38.00. ACT offers trap loans (with a deposit) and a special rate for ferals. Walk in Monday through Saturday 8-noon with your trapped cat. No appointment necessary!

The 2nd Monday of the Month is Feral Cat SpayDay at ACT. Project SpayDay holds monthly spay-neuter clinics, where a team of veterinarians and a support staff sterilizes from 100-150 cats in a few hours. For SpayDay appointments go to


Animal Coalition Tampa

1719 West Lemon St.
Tampa, FL 33606
Phone: (813) 250-3900


Harmony Vet Care

5420 Webb Rd

Tampa, FL 33615

Tel. (813) 871-0850

Male- $40. Female- $50. Kittens under 7 months- $35 plus $15 rabies vaccine (Required).

Drop offs are Mon-Wed 8-9 am and Thurs-sat 7-8 am.

Pick up is Mon-Wed 3-5 and Thurs-sat 2-4 pm. Feral rates include a free leukemia test. Pain meds they are $10.

TNVR Humane Traps can be rented with a $50 deposit that is returned when the trap is returned.


City of Bonita Springs

The City of Bonita Springs offers its residents no-cost spay/neuter services through Animal Hospital of Bonita, 8830 Emerald Isle, Bonita Springs, FL 34135. To make appointments and to borrow humane traps, call Animal Hospital of Bonita at (239) 947-3447. Residents must provide proof of residency, and all cats will be ear-tipped (the universal sign for feral/outdoor community cats that have been spayed or neutered). Source


Lee County Domestic Animal Services 

Operation S.O.S. Community Cat Trap-Neuter-Return Program

5600 Banner Drive

Fort Myers, FL 32778 

Tel:  (239) 533-9234 OR emai


FREE* feral /homeless cat** sterilization program 

** Feral cats must be housed in approved humane traps for the safety of our staff. Traps can be borrowed with a refundable deposit from Animal Services. You may also bring pet carriers to transport feral cats home after surgery, leaving the humane trap with us. Staff can provide proper trapping instructions when picking up borrowed traps.


Friends Of Strays TNVR Program            

2911 47th Ave.North

St. Petersburg, FL 33714

Tel. (727) 522-6566 Ext 101

Request your Community Cat /Feral Cat surgery appointment by e-mail

Surgery days: Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

Rental of Approved Humane Cat Traps Mon-Sun 8am-6pm ($75 fee is refunded after returned)

$25 Spay pr Neuter fee includes 3-year rabies, FVRCP, deworming (not including deworming for tapewormsor giardia),flea/ticl preventative, mandatory ear tip. For additional services ie. microchip,Leukemia vaccine and Leukemia  /FIV testing  contact medical department PRIOR to surgery date. 


Operation:SNIP Spay Neuter Clinic            

13489 Walsingham Rd. Largo, FL 33774
Tel: (727) 595-1983

Spay Neuter Office Hours:
Closed Monday
Tues – Thurs: 7am – 4pm
Closed: Fri, Sat, Sun

TNVR Community Cat Day: Thursdays  Drop off: 7 – 8am        

Pickup: 3 – 4pm         Limited appointments, call ahead before trapping

Atlantic Coast


Jacksonville's  First Coast No More Homeless Pets (FCNMHP)

Feral/Community Cats Package – $40

  • Spay/Neuter Services

  • Rabies Vaccine

  • FVRCP Vaccine

  • Ear Tip

The FCNMHP TNR program is available to all people caring for feral, stray, free-roaming or community cats. These services are only available at our Norwood Clinic (6817 Norwood Avenue; Jacksonville FL).

If you have any questions, please call our hotline at 904.425.0005.

Ferals can also be dropped off at FCNMHP for surgery any day without an appointment as a walk in; however, these ferals may not have surgery on the same day you drop them off.

All cats must arrive to the clinic in a humane trap, no exceptions. Humane traps are available for loan and require a $100 refundable deposit per trap. For info go to


Broward County's Animal Care and Adoption Division's  community cat sterilization program. To apply for free sterilization vouchers Broward residents should use the Animal Care WebPortal.

These vouchers can be used at a partner veterinary clinic (listed on or Animal Care's Portable Spay/Neuter Unit. The traveling clinic is currently stationed at Sunview Park, 1500 SW 42nd Ave., Fort Lauderdale.

When cats are admitted, they also receive a rabies vaccination and an ear-notch (the universal indication that a cat has been sterilized). Some of the agency's partners offer assistance catching feral cats so they can be transported to the clinics for treatment. They may loan or rent traps. A list of providers is found on the Animal Care website under the "Community Cat Management Programs" tab.…/Community-Cat-Management-Programs.…


This program is for feral cats. PET cats can be sterilized at low cost through the county's SNIP program.


Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

3100 / 3200 N. Military Trail

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Tel. (561) 686-3663 OR (561) 472-8812



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