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Pet Friendly 
Hurricane Shelters in Florida

Pet-friendly hurricane shelters managed by each  County should be seen as a last resort.  Always try to arrange where you will  shelter with your pet before a disaster happens. If you wait too long, unfortunately you might not be able to get your pet in an pet friendly shelter location.  Also don’t assume that a boarding kennel or hotel/motel will accept your pet. Check ahead and look for kennels in non-evacuation zones.


Sept 28, 2022

Counties in Hurricane Ian's possible path 

Most County’s pet friendly shelters are equipped to handle dogs and cats only. Limited space is available. Your pet will be housed separately from you and you will have limited access to feed, clean up and take care of your pet.

(1) Brevard 

(2) Desoto (Pet-Friendly Shelter Only for mandatory evacuations)

(3) Charlotte

(4) Clay

(5) Duval  -  Jacksonville

(5) Flagler 

(6) Highlands 

(7) Hillsborough

(8) Lake

(9) Manatee

(10) Marion

(11) Pasco

Fivay (12115 Chicago Ave.Hudson)

Wiregrass Ranch (2909 Mansfield Blvd. Westley Chapel)

Fasano Regional Hurricane Center (11611 Denton Ave. Hudson)

Wesley Chappel High School (30651 Wells Rd)

Sunlake High School (3023 Sunlake Blvd. Land O'Lakes)

Fivay High School (12115 Chicago Ave. Hudson)

Centennial Middle School (38505 Centennial Road, Dade City)

These loations ID on current County maps as allowing family pets.  Confirm prior to going by checking evacuation zone maps shelters on

Learn what supplies you should bring with your pet:

(12) Pinellas (Requires Enrollment form)

(13) Polk

(14) Putnam

(15) Saint Johns 

(16) Sarasota 

(17) Seminole

(18) Volusia

Know your evacuation zones : Be Safe Everyone

Basic Pet Friendly Shelter Packing List (check with EACH county for their requirements)

1. Crate/carrier large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around in

2. Cleaning supplies: gloves, paper towels, pee pads for crates/kennel, trash bags.

3. Up-to-date pet records – vaccinations, microchip, county registration

4. Pet medications (don’t forget FELIWAY spray to help calm cats & ADAPTIL for dogs)

5. Photo of owner and pet together

6. Food and water supply for a minimum 7 days, along with bowls

7. Leash, collar, and muzzle (if needed)

8. Toys or blankets to put in the kennel(be mindful these can get soiled. Bring extra pee pads

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